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Showtime’s Homeland Season 2 began with personal lows for ex-CIA agent Carrie Mathison who begins the season teaching ESL classes, and personal highs for former prisoner of war Nicholas Brody who has been elected to Congress, and who is being considered as a Presidential running mate. Carrie Mathison agrees to rejoin the CIA after a former asset in the Middle East says she will only talk to her.


How Season 2 of Homeland Unfolds

The second season of Homeland progresses with Mathison’s boss, David Estes, and the man who recruited her to the CIA, Saul, possessing a video of Nicholas Brody making a confession. They decided to keep it to themselves in order to spy on him and find out Al-Qaeda’s plans in the US. Nicholas Brody makes a deal with the CIA to spy on Abu Nazir, the man who turned him, but Carrie Mathison is still suspicious. After a terrorist related shooting spree in Gettysberg, Pennsylvania in which seven people were killed, Mathison confronts Brody but ends up crying in his arms.

However, later in Homeland season 2, Brody, now a candidate for Vice-President ends up executing a plot to assassinate current Vice-President and Presidential candidate William Walden. He is forced to carry out the plan by Abu Nazir, the terrorist who tortured and then turned Brody to become an Al-Qaeda operative, after Nazir kidnaps Carrie Matheson and threatens to kill her if he does not kill the Vice-President. Though reluctant, Brody takes relish in killing the VP as Brody’s sympathies are still with Al-Qaeda.

The 2nd season of Homeland ends with Carrie Mathison and Nicholas Brody deciding to escape together to Canada. Mathison has developed romantic feelings for Brody and decides she wants to be with him. A car bomb explodes at the memorial of Vice President Walden which puts more pressure on the pair to escape. Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for the funeral attack and shows an edited video Brody made confessing to the abandoned attack at the end of the first season.

Carrie Mathison leaves Nicholas Brody at the Canadian border to return to the CIA, claiming she will clear his name.


Homeland To Return For Season 3

Homeland will return for a third season, which promises to be more complicated than Homeland season 2. Brody appears to be conflicted as to his participation in two terrorist plots, and he has some sympathy for Al-Qaeda but also for his homeland. Mathison’s character too became much more complicated as she now has romantic feelings for Brody and has become determined to clear his name where in the first season she was convinced he had become a committed terrorist. Either way, Brody could come back, either to help clear his name, or to facilitate another attack.



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